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Studio Experimentation: Custom Silk Screens

Experiments with new products and techniques continues into February, with EZScreenPrint.  As always, I look for ways to create my own designs and to reproduce them onto my work as cost-effectively and easily as possible.  My prior experience with silk screening was 'back in the day,' when we had to use huge wood framed screens, x-acto knives, pro film, and highly toxic chemicals to burn designs onto the screens.  It was a very labor-intensive process, fraught with peril; one wrong move with your knife or during the application of the chemicals, your screen was ruined, and you had to start all over again.  Fast forward many decades (not telling how many, but let's just say that Earth Wind & Fire was still producing music like Serpentine Fire when I last silk screened) to now, with EZScreenPrint.  The process is MUCH simpler, not toxic at all, and my results were great.  Take a look at how I did my first screen, inspired by a Kuba cloth textile design:

The design:  Sha…

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